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Friday, June 21


The 7 year old girls were squealing with glee at the Viktor&Rolf dolls, now on view at the ROM, and we were right there with them (internally).  If you enjoy fashion, dolls, or fine craftsmanship, then you shouldn't miss an opportunity to see the North American debut of this collection, installed on a serpentine runway in the Thorsell Spirit House and free to the public until June 30th.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have been designing together since graduating from the Arnhern Academy of Art and Design in 1992.  They have become known for their conceptual fashion, ripe with humour, subversion and glamour. They began recreating key looks in miniature for their 15 year retrospective, The House of Viktor&Rolf, held at the Barbican Gallery in London.  Since, they have continued to add to the collection, each doll mimicking the hair and makeup of the runway model but scaled down with altered proportions to fit the Victorian-inspired porcelain dolls.  Take a look here to see the dolls alongside the original garments.

Viktor&Rolf walk a line between fashion and art and through this project of-the-moment fashions have a second life, reminding us of the inspirational force to other disciplines that fashion can sometimes have.

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