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Sunday, June 23


This wonderful ceramic sculpture by Susan Halls reminds me of the traditional folk song Darby Ram, best heard as sung by the Kossoy Sisters.  You can take a listen here to the tragedy and renown of this magnificent beast.

As I went out to Darby
All on a market day
And I spied the biggest ram sir
That was ever fed on hay

And he rambled, rambled, 
Rambled all around, in and out of town
Didn't he ramble, he did ramble
Well he rambled till them butchers cut him down

He had four feet to walk sir
He had four feet to stand
And every one of those four feet
They covered an acre of land

The wool on this ram's back sir
It reached up to the sky
And the eagles built their nests there
For I heard the young ones cry

This ram had a horn sir
That reached up to the moon
A man went up in January
And he didn't get back till June

The butcher that cut him down sir
Was drowned in the blood
And the little boy who held the bowl
Was washed away in the flood

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