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Thursday, March 6


Over the past year Heather and I have had the inspiring opportunity to witness Lisa DiQuinzio’s latest body of work develop.    This week Lisa graciously invited me to preview the exhibition titled, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood before it opens this coming Friday, March 7th at G Gallery.  The reception will run from 7-10pm.
DiQuinzio makes enigmatic paintings and objects that develop over time. Slowly built narratives of atmospheric paint are evident in their sensual surfaces. A mood of mystery and humour carefully constructs an intuitive and theatrical relationship between each work. The paintings depict nightscapes, forests and campfires inhabited by animals, disembodied faces and ghost-like forms. The effect evokes a feeling of fear, nervousness and curiosity. Accompanying fabric assemblages and objects function as an extension of the painted landscapes, speaking to a practice that goes beyond the canvas. Old painting rags, clothes, blankets, nails, furniture and mirrors are used to facilitate the painted narratives as well as speak to the process of making.

The exhibition is powerful. When viewing any particular piece I am drawn in by the variation in colour, texture, composition and subject matter and easily become consumed by the dramatic beauty in the details.  The expressive qualities in each brush stroke and stitch, the colour combinations that are both subtle and spectacular, the combination of textile and painting, a picture frame not quite finished and the inclusion of domestic objects articulates a very intimate and ongoing introspection, a sort of turning over of thoughts prominent in DiQuinzio’s practice.  And at this particular moment her slowly developing narrative is in a dark phase. 
You must view this exhibition in person.  My photos couldn’t possibly capture the atmospheric experience, the intense emotional tones and the beautiful tactility of the work.  This exhibition runs through until April 26th.

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