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Wednesday, June 5


We were curious about Sarah Cale's paintings after seeing them opening night at Jessica Bradley, and decided to take another look.  Meeting Cale at the gallery, hours before her departure for Montreal where she is showing in The Painting Project at Galerie UQAM, we were able to gain insights into her process, intentions and the elusive label that is painting.

Cale's layered works fall somewhere between the sublime and a dark neuroses.  Exploring the intersection between painting and collage, she is best known for a precise technique wherein dried acrylic paint strokes are peeled and pasted onto canvas or linen.  Well on her way to a complete body of work for Solo Exhibition at Jessica Bradley, Cale, finding little development and excitement in her pieces, took scissors to the canvases, cannibalizing them into new, vibrant, and tense works that combine her earlier working methods with assemblage and oil painting.  Her journey of deconstruction and rebuilding translates in some of the titles of the work "Uncomposed / Unraveled / Unfolding".  Allowing for the spontaneity and bravery in destruction, Cale maintains control in execution, creating not Frankenstein's monster, but a harmonious window into complicated feelings and mindsets.

Solo Exhibition runs until June 29th at Jessica Bradley at the new Junction location 74 Miller St.

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