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Wednesday, September 12


Paul Taylor is an improvisational electronic musician recording under the moniker Lucky Paul.  He has engineered his own software system that allows him to use acoustic and electronic sounds to create unique beats on the fly.  His website offers videos of him making songs while moving through the world, a head cam giving you his perspective as he taps on different materials and uses chance happenstance to record unique sounds.
We first met Paul in Berlin over a year ago where he had been living for the past 2 years, busking on the street with music machines mashed into makeshift plastic lunchboxes of his own creation.  Jamie Liddel’s drummer happened by, invited him to a jam session, where he met Mocky, who then introduced him to Feist, who took him on tour as her drummer.

We caught up with him yesterday while he organized his stored belongings to move to his current home in L.A.  In amongst his slipper collection he found the midi controller that, on another occasion, we had been hunting for in a Toronto storage suitcase. 

Like his belongings, Paul’s life is aligning. Originally from New Zealand, Paul is now focusing exclusively on his own work and renovating an RV to be a sound dream machine.  His most recent recording Elephant Island was released with the label Somethink Sounds. 

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