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Monday, April 16


Tillandsia is the largest genus in the bromeliad family.  Native to warmer climates of the Americas, they can be found in forests, mountains and deserts. They normally grow without soil and attach themselves to other plants or rocks.  However, a host is not necessary.  Tillandsia pull nutrients and moisture from the air. This classifies them as epiphytes or aerophytes, also known as air plants.  They require minimal care as they are resilient and adaptable to a wide range of environments.  Mother nature never ceases to amaze and move me.

I was seduced by a large bowl of them in the Tropical Expressions booth at Canada Blooms in March. I bought three.  The elderly gentleman tending the booth suggested that I use hot glue to fasten them to a fridge magnet or create a mini landscape as a decorative centre piece.  I don't think I'll take his advice.  The textures, forms and colours of the plants express more than enough character to stand alone in a room.  I'll just let them hang out around the apartment and try not to touch them too much.

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