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Tuesday, January 27


I've known Amanda Burt for many years and her statuesque beauty and brimming energy have always cheered a room.  We headed to her house on Concord for late afternoon tea as the last light of the day filtered through her new windows to talk renovations, retirement and reinvention. (Mercury is in retrograde after all)

Amanda seems poised on the precipice of a new chapter.  After working as a producer at the CBC for years she's "retired" and has just launched a life coaching business. Calling herself a "Creative coach", Amanda is employing the aspects of producing she most enjoys; helping people realize their creative potential,  honing in on promising directions, making vague ideas into concrete plans, and using sparse resources to achieve big goals. With an education in Art history and journalism combined with training as a yoga teacher and life coach, her CV expresses one who is more than qualified for this new endeavour.  The culmination of her diverse studies and life experience is truly inspiring. Basking in her energy alone is enough to get motivated and activate that underlying ambition.

She's also recently reinvented her home to allow space for both socializing as well as reflection and repose. The cold weather has left the patio lights dreaming of the coming spring but the kitchen was warm and inviting with lavender earl grey and homemade banana bread.  Baby Sheba snoozed on in the setting sun.  

You can reach Amanda Burt : Creative Coach here.

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