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Sunday, November 16


Moon Room is Kristin Weckworth's curatorial exploration of the moon and the layers of hidden meaning associated with our beloved night time companion.  Weckworth's starting point for the show was the documentary Room 237 (a film that attempts to unravel the many conspiracies, confessions and subtexts thought to exists in Kubrick's The Shining) and the 1940's children's book Goodnight Moon.  Both the Overlook Hotel and the rabbit's quiet bedroom have captivated audiences and prompted searching for deeper meaning within the patterns and symbols presented by their respective authors.  Weckworth uses the  moon to epitomizes this shrouded second reality: "Moon Room acts as a holder of possibilities and hidden meanings, a physical example of the myriad faces that can exist amongst those presented and masked."

The exhibition Moon Room closes today with a reception from 3-6 at NarwhalNaomi and I were pleased to participate along with Adrienne Kammerer, Alexandra Mackenzie, Alicia Nauta, Carly Waito, Eli Langer, Eunice Luk, Hanna Hur, Jennifer Murphy, Karen Azoulay, Kendra Yee, Lisa DiQunzio, Maggie Groat, Margaux Williamson, Maryanne Casasanta, Nikki Woolsey, Patrick Krzyzanowski, Rebecca Fin Simonetti, Sab Meynert and Vanessa Brown.

Photos courtesy of Narwhal 

Nikki Wooley, Aside the table and Alicia Nauta, Goodnight Moon

Naomi Yasui, untitled and Heather Goodchild, and the evening and the morning

Lisa DiQuinzio, Owl painting

Nikki Wooley, Aside the table

 Eunice Luk, It's only five after ten

 Adrienne Kammerer, The infernal eternal

Karen Azoulay, Ancient Crater

Jennifer Murphy, Hands

Patrick Krzyzanowski, untitled

Hannah Hur, SOS

Maryanne Casasanta, Half the Day is Night

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