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Friday, December 20


This past October I was lucky to be in Paris for fashion week. Without the means to purchase the lux wears, I asked around for hot thrift spots to carry out my new-found-style-inspiration. Most people suggested the famous antiques market Clignancourt, until I got to Francoise Montague Bijoux et Vintage Paris.

This small costume jewellery dreamland is located through a narrow courtyard off of Rue Saint-Honore. The displays of 1970s fish pendants and brooches with faces (anything that can look back, I love) told me I was getting close to my ultimate destination. And after several minutes of shoptalk with the owner, Portes de Vanves Flea Market was revealed.

The next Saturday, hundreds of vendors lined the street and only one man sold hats. Of course I was immediately drawn to the fancy baseball cap featured here (chic sportswear is up there with jewellery that can glare). The wool hat in forest green was already purchased in my mind when the vendor explained that this particular milliner made hats for Yves Saint Laurent in the 1980s. I haven’t been able to confirm his claim but I accomplished what most people who work Paris fashion week, as opposed to attend, set out to do: buy some meaningful couture for a bargain.

-Eve Tobolka

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