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Thursday, December 12


Founded on a history of art-collecting-Danish-monarchs, SMK, The National Gallery of Denmark,  has amassed over 260,000 works of art spanning more than 700 years.  This vast collection can be experienced in the permanent displays of European Art 1300-1800, Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900, French Art 1900-1930 and Danish and International Art after 1900.  There is also a study room where works from the Royal Collection of Graphic Art can be viewed.  Though it is a large collection, it's not difficult to view all the galleries in a few hours and you're not left feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated.  SMK has worked hard at redefining the museum as an institution that is accessible and interactive.  There is a focus on promoting a creative and reflective society. 

The galleries for Danish and International Art after 1900, located in the modernist extension which opened in 1998, is well curated with an emphasis placed on the interplay between Danish and international contemporary art.  Since 1985 the museum's Danish collection has been supplemented by international art with a specific criteria to purchase works that will have an impact on the Danish art scene.  The extensive collection of French art (1900-30) is on display in the old building.  This gallery is quite remarkable as engineer Johannes Rump donated his collection of French art to the museum in 1927, including 25 works by Henri Matisse.  

Besides the cafe (I recommend finding lunch elsewhere), SMK is an inspiring and well designed museum with an interesting collection and engaging curation.  

Henri Matisse, Still Life with Nutcracker, ca. 1916

Frithioff Johansen, Rainbow Sphere, 1999

André Derain, Still Life, 1913

Auguste Herbin, In the Countryside, Bellevue, Cassius, 1923

Albert Mertz og Jørgen Roos, Richard Mortensen's Motion Painting, 1944

Danh Vo, We the People (Detail), 2013

Danh Vo, We the People (Detail), 2013

Donald Judd, Untitled, 1989

Edvard Weie, Still Life with Oranges, 1922

Wilhelm Freddie og Jørgen Roos, Eaten Horizons, 1950

David Shrigley, Beginning, Middle and End, 2009 

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