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Tuesday, October 15


You've probably seen these 1970s apartment buildings around Toronto and thought to yourself "no thanks", as I once did.  These strictly utilitarian and sensibly built structures would today be my top choice for an apartment rental or like-style house purchase.  To compare the layout and communal spaces of these apartments to a contemporary condo is to see that we're sliding when it comes to civilized living.  Designed at a time when society still valued privacy and refined living space, these bare-bone rooms ask for a fresh, clean and open aesthetic, encouraging one to practice minimalism.

Screenwriter and actor, Max McCabe-Lokos' apartment is a wonderful example of this aesthetic and lifestyle.  With a Britain-in-the-tropics atmosphere, he has created a space with room to breathe and think clearly. As we watched the sun set over St Anne's Church from the 3rd storey view, we discussed McCabe-Lokos' recent success at TIFF as star and screenwriter for The Husband and his upcoming feature with actor Nick Flanagan, Pushing Rope.  Lounging on the sofa beside his cat Caddy and enjoying the oversized parkay, we got the feeling that alot of productive contemplation, and good-times parties happens here.

Not only does he get an A+ in housekeeping and hosting but, the plants!  He brushed off our compliments of his green thumb, claiming that his secret is to select plants that can handle over watering and low light conditions, however, my aloe plant definitely does not look that happy.  I also don't have the table or mental space to enjoy a daily morning newspaper as McCabe-Lokos does... maybe it's living at tree top in 70's serenity... or maybe it's the man.

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