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Tuesday, October 22


Tomorrow I leave for Finland where I'll meet all of my in-laws at a family reunion.  I've never been before and thought I'd Google search images of "Finland".....what?!?!....look at these crazy photos!  While away from Toronto for 6 weeks I'll be residing mainly in Copenhagen after the Finnish adventure.  I will post regularly to The Wardens Today while abroad and Heather and our guest contributors will hold down the fort in Toronto.  This marks the beginning of dividing forces, as Heather will be leaving for Paris, France in January and staying through to May.  She has been awarded a Canada Council residency and will be working out of the Cité des Arts Internationale.

You may have noticed our postings have been slightly irregular lately.  We didn't anticipate this project continuing past 1 year, but enjoy it so much that we decided to continued on.  This exercise has enriched our lives.  In looking for a daily post we've connected with so many interesting people and have experienced many engaging events and ideas. We've been working to redesign the site to accommodate a new quality-over-quantity-mantra to our posting schedule and format.  Since we'll be apart for the next 6 months (except when I visit Heather in Paris of course!), and because we're transitioning into a new phase, daily posting will become frequent posting throughout the week.  Thank you for your interest and support and we hope you continue following us into our new adventures.

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  1. Thank you for continuing! I love the window to beauty that is the Wardens Today.