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Wednesday, August 28


Jeremy Boxen is working on a bunch of top secret projects, one of which is taking him to Korea in the coming days. As a writer and director for film and television, Boxen has become known for his offbeat,  darkly funny, often violent, and always intelligent content. We caught him before his trip and talked film over croissants and grapes while ogling his Gemini Award. (Best writer in a dramatic series for Cra$h and Burn -- great design on that statue!)

With his current projects "in development" and hush-hush, we talked about work already in the can.   The feature Cottage Country that he wrote, directed by Peter Wellington (Slings and Arrows), is set for theatrical release this October and played at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal and will be at the Fantasy FilmFest in Germany.  Filmed near Huntsville, this dark comedy captures the Ontario cottage experience with a bit of blood thrown in for good measure. Boxen also recently wrote and produced on Endgame for Showcase. Created by Avrum Jacobson, this smart and playful series followed an agoraphobic Russian chess master who solves crimes without leaving his hotel.  He was also co-showrunner on the popular series Lost Girl (season 2) which follows the life of a renegade succubus (supernatural energy drainer) as she fights for the underdog while discovering her mysterious origin.

Boxen is flexible about genre and medium yet is choosy about the projects he works on.  Film and television involves slow and gruelling processes and by committing himself only to projects that he believes in, he ensures the many hours spent (often at his laptop) are worthwhile. As Netflix, Hulu, and now Amazon create original content, the whole industry is changing. What hasn't changed is the need for passionate creative forces like Boxen to spark the long chain reaction involved in the making of our entertainment.

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