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Wednesday, August 7


D. Alex Meeks seems like someone you would have met in the dark corner of a Dawson City saloon circa 1899. The gold rush is winding down and, confronted with lost souls and desperate men, his sharp eyes and savvy ways turn empty hands into full pockets. That's not to say that he's stuck in another century, he just dresses, speaks and works in a way that harkens to the past.

Hailing from a family-run zoo in South Carolina, Meeks came to Canada to complete a degree in contemporary improvisation and musicianship at York. While a student, and acting on a hunch, he offered his labour to master horologist (watchmaker) Tiborcz Finesz at Right Time Inc. The trial was a success and he's been repairing watches for the past nine years, taking frequent sabbaticals to perform music abroad. His occupations complement each other: the manual work grounds the ephemeral nature of music creation.

The agent behind Holiday Rambler, music in the spirit of early American field recordings, Meeks captures in his sound a feeling of both the past and days yet to come.  We look forward to seeing an appearance on August 13 during the SummerWorks show Art Court. Alternatively, you could see him performing with his "no wave surf" trio Les Heures this Friday August 9th at Feast in the East.

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