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Wednesday, July 24


Hanna Puley has a real flair for the gruesome.  Our first experience of her work was a faked acid burn she created on Roger Bainbridge's face for Henri Faberg√©'s Feint of Hart. A thing of nightmares, the incredibly shocking and realistic wound included exposed teeth and oozing flesh.  From there we've seen her make exploding pustules, backfiring guns, and bleeding knives. Her scope however is not limited to blood and entrails and her broad skill set rooted in a DIY and Macgyveresq attitude make her an indispensable asset to many Toronto theatre and video productions, working as designer, fabricator and problem solver. 

Puley's approch to design is rooted in her parents encouragement of theatre as an immersive part of daily life.  Their work in experimental theatre and puppetry did not however lead Puley to train in this field, instead she obtained a degree in anthropology from U of T.  She credits this education with providing a better understanding of characters and the audience/performer relationship.  A team player who revels in the collaborative experience that brings a script to life, you can see a determined glint in her eye whenever she describes an upcoming project.

Hanna is currently working with Birdtown and Swanville on a Summerworks show to begin August 8 at Gallery 1313.  She will be working with Tony Ho and Templeton Philharmonic in the coming season.  We can't wait to see what she'll come up with next.

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