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Thursday, July 11


Starting tomorrow, The Wardens Today will be taking a vacation from our daily posting to focus on a week long exhibition titled Chapter XI : Vases.  Presented by Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, the exhibition runs from July 12th - July 18th with a reception on Thursday July 18th from 7 -10pm.

Featured here are images from the presentation of this work in Berlin, Germany at Sur la Montagne Gallery in 2012.  Hope to see you for the Canadian edition on the 18th! Otherwise you can view us from the street, we'll be at the gallery from 12-5pm everyday.  Please see the following invitation text for a brief project description: 

For one night only, Toronto-based ceramic artist Naomi Yasui presents Chapter XI: Vases, an exhibition of porcelain vases, floral arrangements and still-life watercolour paintings. This presentation marks the culmination of a seven-day performance conducted in the gallery space.

A devotee to the early 20th century floral designer Constance Spry and a compulsive maker, Yasui’s handmade porcelain vases are the wellspring for her performance. Each day, for seven days, a different vase will be called upon to inspire both a floral arrangement and a still-life watercolour painting.  Joining Yasui in painting will be guest artists Heather Goodchild and Lisa DiQuinzio. The staging and study of these vases and botanicals is intentionally provocative, as it brings into a contemporary art setting a series of activities once defined as ‘feminine’ or ‘leisure pursuits’.

Beginning on Friday, July 12th, from 12-5pm daily, the performance can be viewed from the street, but the gallery will be closed to the public.  The artist invites you to witness the completion of the performance on Thursday July 18th from 7-10pm. 

To schedule an appointment please contact either Katharine Mulherin (Director) or Naomi Yasui (Artist).

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