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Wednesday, July 3


I see Brian Murphy pretty much everyday.  He works at Aunties and Uncles and as I leave for work or return home we exchange hellos.  Besides working at the restaurant Brian plays guitar.  Or rather, besides playing guitar he works the grill, as music is where his passion lies (with a little tennis on the side).   He told me that Russ (owner of Aunties) hired him on the spot, 2 and a half years ago, after appreciating his playing at the Tranzac.  At a restaurant where a sweet chord will get you the job, there is a lot of guitar talk before and after hours.

Originally from Charlottetown, P.E.I. Murphy carries the same subtle confidence as a musician as he does in life;  he knows just when to play and, more importantly, when not to.  Brian currently plays bass in the indie pop group Alvvays with Alec O'Hanley, Phil MacIssac, Kerri Maclellan and Molly Rankin.  The band recently completed a debut album produced by Chad VanGaalen in Calgary, which is scheduled to be released Fall 2013.  You can see Alvvays at Caplansky's on July 19th and Sappy Fest (if you happen to be in Sackville, NB).

In his spare time, Brian plays tennis.  This sport takes sharp instincts and a quick mind, skills that are transferrable to his relationship with music.  Executing the right move at the appropriate time and understanding how to best work with the instrument/racket, to attain a higher level of achievement, is what keeps Brian so engaged. As an avid tennis player since 17, he experiences both activities as life long pursuits, believing there is no limit to what can be learned.

You might also see Brian playing with Bahamas at some of this summer's folk festivals or at one of the City of Toronto's public tennis courts.

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  1. i want that shirt back brian