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Wednesday, December 12


Last week we braved the weather and cycled up to the new Fours Seasons Hotel for tea with Alissa Coe.  Since 2009,  Coe has moved away from porcelain production with her successful design partnership Coe&Waito, instead focussing on design consulting and special projects.  And here, at this epic 55 storey hotel and residence, we found what she's been up to.  Coe has created stunning sculptural pieces, evoking dandelion seeds on the wind, which fit beautifully with interior design by YabuPushelberg.  These wonderous objects, made from porcelain and wood, hold the key to Coe's joy in work and journey in life.

Alissa possess both a restlessness and a quiet patience.  Her excitement in making things is palpable as is her integrity and unwillingness to cut corners.  Once engaged in a project, she accomplishes it to the utmost.  Yet I can understand why porcelain production left her wanting;  she must always be trying new things, new materials, describing every new project as an adventure.  Currently she is investigating metal, working with metalsmith Stuart Samuel, exploring new directions in lighting with an eye to casting.

It is rare to find an individual who can navigate both business and creative impulses.  Coe credits her time working for the lighting company Nelson and Garrett for her ability to manage large projects from inception to completion.  However, it is her sharp and curious mind that can conceive objects that are both frighteningly delicate and fragile while being strong and powerful;  the light hand and the big idea.

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