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Wednesday, November 7


I've known Iris Fraser for close to ten years and in this time she's moved in and out of my life, an elusive character: a filmmaker, an artist, a connector.  For some reason I think of her as the woman in the song Black Diamond Bay from Bob Dylan's Desire album;  maybe it's the time she spent in South America, or a certain 70's aura she projects, or the old and elegant soul she's tried to hide under fluorescent hats and oversized sweaters.

Seven years ago, over tea, Iris told me a story about her visit with an old monk living alone in a monastery on the Niagara Escarpment.  She vividly described the light, colours and emotions she felt during this meeting and her ambitions to translate it into a film.  Her story stuck with me and I was happy to hear, five years later, that her vision is becoming a reality.  With little funding and many volunteers, Iris was able to rent the monastery (now under new ownership), recreate her experience and expand this moment into a feature film, calling it Brother Frank.   

With the footage finished and compiled, Fraser is making a final funding push for post production.  You have 5 more days to check out the trailer, learn more about the film, and if you choose, donate to this beautiful project at Indiegogo.

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