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Wednesday, September 5


For a few years we’ve been following the work of Manfred Naescher and it was a pleasure to visit his studio today at a converted school house in Kreuzberg, Berlin.  With roots in graphic design, Naescher began watercolour painting in 2004 under the tutelage of Thomas Sgouros while at the Rhode Island School of Design. 

He speaks about this medium poetically, describing it as being analogous to memory in the way that the water travels and deposits colour on the page.  This theme permeates his work, drawing from his childhood in Liechtenstein and reflecting on the distance of two decades away from his native land.  His conceptual practice came together for him intuitively and organically, creating a prolific body of work to date. 

Using film stills as subject matter, his current 96 part series Inventory of Shadows (working title) draws from Out of the Past, a film noir from 1947.  His watercolour renderings translate the mood of the film and evoke their own beauty and power. This serial work is the latest in a collection of paintings from film, each sequence a new journey and exploration of artifice, recording and the filters of memory.  Naescher's work carries a cinematic quality for me; I am captivated by the elusive stoytelling, and the strange and marvelous colour contortions as shadow and light form figures out of nothing.

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