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Wednesday, July 18


We first encountered these gentlemen performing in the Henri Faberge series and have been smitten ever since.  To find three such talented actor/comedians in one family seems extreme, until you learn there is a fourth, the eldest Rivas, (spoken of with reverence and absconded from a life on the stage by Google) then you have to wonder what was in the water.

Together Miguel, Freddie and Thomas perform Rap Battlez; a bimonthly event at The Comedy bar that combines the swagger of a hip hop throw-down with the theatrics and cheese of a WWE wrestling match (circa WWF).  This Canadian Comedy Award nominated show requires no promotion as the seats are packed with rabid fans but we highly recommend you attend this Friday.

These three are not joined at the hip however, and a healthy competetive spirit drives their individual projects.  Thomas' you tube channel SuperAutuber features eccentric and athletic 15sec spots of life, Rivas style.  Miguel is one third of Tony Ho, a sketch group whose recent fringe show Sad People received great acclaim.  Watching the Tony Ho films, you'll feel uncomfortable and glad of your own life (in a good way, we couldn't stop watching).  Freddie is a man of extremes being involved in both the Harbourfront kids festival and stand-up comedy(the dirty uncle of sketch).  Apparently, unlike the music industry, comedians have to put their time in; meaning these brothers are new on the scene despite their lifetime of experience.  

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