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Wednesday, February 1


Netami Stuart is a landscape architect working with the City of Toronto’s 20,000 acres of parkland.  Her recent projects include Riverdale Park West and Greenwood Park.  When asked to recommend a plant for a Toronto garden she mentioned Snakeroot.  She is also very fond of the Blueberry bush which not only provide antioxidant rich fruits but have beautiful orange/red leaves in the fall.  With annual doses of peat moss the blueberry plant will thrive.

Netami is also a certified arborist.  She filled us in on some Toronto tree facts:

-The city will plant a tree in front of your home for free.  LEAF, a local non-profit group, will plant one in your back yard for a reasonable rate.  The Accolade Elm, not prone to Dutch Elm disease, is a good bet for fast growth and beauty.  Netami is also partial to the Dawn Redwood.

-You must request permission from the city to remove a tree from your property if it is over 30cm in diameter at 1.4m from the ground.

-Toronto's ash trees are threatened by the Emerald Ash Borer.  Check here to see what you can do to prevent the spread.

-The city is anticipating global warming by planting trees found in warmer climates such as the Black Gum and Tulip Tree.

- Toronto is an urban forest with more than 10 million trees on private and public land.  Although many of our elegant historic buildings have fallen it looks like the trees are in good hands and doing their part to make our city beautiful.

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